CMS Website Design Conversion

First, let me say we understand your pain! We too lived with an HTML site long ago and know the stress created when you NEED to edit a page RIGHT NOW but because of the time or programs required it wasn’t possible.

Convert HTML Design to CMS Website Design now and enjoy even more benefits than simple emergency editing.

Benefits of Converting to CMS Website Design
Yes, you’ll be able to easily edit Text and Photos on your new CMS Website Design Instantly but also enjoy the power of WordPress! Including W3C Standards Compliance, Blogs / Newsletters / Recent News Events, RSS Feeding, Easily add more pages / sub-pages and Search Engine Rankings that Stomp HTML websites. All this without HTML knowledge!

The “Look” after Converting to CMS Website Design
We have yet to come acrossed an HTML website design that we couldn’t convert to CMS Website Design with at least 90% of the exact same “Look”. There are Tiny changes to fix W3C Standards Compliance since older HTML sites are not compliant and to remove HTML tables coding. We can even convert Flash sites to CMS Website Design! Obviously there would be some small changes to fit in a Blog / Newsletter / Recent News. When we look at your website we’ll know quickly how close we can get it to looking the same.

Process of Converting to CMS Website Design
This part is actually easier than building from scratch because all your content and graphics are already done! We basically totally Rebuild your website as a CMS Website Design using your current text and graphics but none of the old coding.

Why we do a Clean Conversion to CMS Website Design
A vast majority of CMS Website Design “Conversion” companies simple smash the CMS into your existing code. This is a BAD BAD idea because as I said before HTML is not generally W3C Standards Compliant so you are just dragging along all that out-of-date code which eventually will Force you to Rebuild yet again when newer Browsers stop showing parts of your website or worse, odd errors start happening failing to load the site at all. Then you’ll pay just to get it back up long enough to copy your Content out too. This is not an exageration either, we get calls from folks everyday who had a bad “smash job” done by a sloppy company and need us to fix it.

To read More about what a CMS Website Design can do for you visit our page for that or give us a call for a FREE No-Obligation Quote!

CMS Website Design Usability – Top 5

  • Easy for Beginners - Very short learning curve
  • Expandable for Experts - It will grow with you
  • No Programming Required - No HTML needed
  • Secure Private Online Admin - Sign in from anywhere
  • No Special Programs Required - Use any Computer

CMS Website Design Expandability – Top 5

  • Widget Ready - MANY options depending on layout
  • Contact Forms - Stay in touch with visitors - Stops SPAM
  • Website Search - Full site and Blog search
  • Built-in Standard Gallery - Small to Mid-sized Galleries
  • Newest Wordpress Version - All the Newest Features

CMS Website Design User Features – Top 5

  • Spell Check - Very popular feature
  • Blog Posting - Auto feed to Twitter
  • Article Posting - Really good for SEO
  • Recent News Posting - Keep visitors up to date
  • Update Content Instantly - No waiting to see changes

CMS Website Design Optimization – Top 5

  • SEO Friendly URLs - Google loves Page Names
  • Google XML Sitemaps - Google's preferred reading
  • CSS Level 3 Validation - Looks "Crisper" & "High-End"
  • W3C Standards Compliant - Google Ranking Faster
  • Auto Generated Navigation - Ensures Correct Coding